Doomsday is Pawssible

I’ll never eat my hooman. I don’t care what’s happening everywhere in the world. I’ll never turn against my family. No virus can trick my brain to kill my buddies, which is what Hachi did two nights ago. Hachi was my neighbor who killed its family, Mr. & Mrs. Parker. And before that, Scratch attacked its friend, Mr. Jones. He said that Scratch just went haywire and his eyes were red and he was constantly barking. They said that the virus changed Scratch and it is spreading rapidly.

But I know, I can fight the virus. I must. Mom, dad, little Charlie, and I are a perfect family. No virus can come between us. It’s almost 9; they’ll be home soon. I’m gonna run into dad’s arms & lick all over little Charlie to tell them I’ll never hurt them. No matter what. I think I heard the door open.

“Woof.. woof”

“Honey, check its eyes. Are they red?”

“Arrff.. ruff… wooof”

“We can’t take any chances. Give me the gun, quickly!”

“Woof.. woof.. woof”

“I’m so sorry bud. We always loved you. I’m sorry.”



I’m done paying bills of their deeds

Fourteen years ago, some arrogant, greedy men made a decision at Chernobyl,

millions are still paying its price.

It’s always been like this.

For the brutal mistakes taken by them

one of us has to pay the bill.

They sleep in their cozy beds while you die in a gutter.

It takes years for governments to hang them and minutes for you to get shot in the head.

But, does that make you less important?

There will be men pointing guns at you,

holding a megaphone to mislead you, paying billions to corrupt your soul.

But, you will have to choose your path.

It took one brave man to bring Russians on their knees

and admit that they made a mistake at Chernobyl.

And it also took one man to start World War II.

So think about when you’ll leave the house and join a march,

think whether your actions would haunt generations,

or plant a hope or start a revolution.

Because in the end, there remains one naked truth,

that you once knew and they made you forget,

that they need you and they are nothing


without you.

Happy Women’s Day

It was late in the evening
I was walking toward my home
I heard a footstep behind me
Without thinking, I started jogging
The footsteps came closer and closer
And I walked faster and faster
I looked back at the man in a black hoodie
He did nothing but stare back at me
I was running and so did he
Within a few seconds, he just went passed me
I sighed with relief, calmed my heart
Sat on the footpath and cried for long Continue reading “Happy Women’s Day”

Ignore me now

For us, it was love at first sight.

When the owner of the flat next to mine decided to rent it, I was a bit unhappy, thinking who knows what kind of creep would come to live there! But soon, I realized that renting the flat was the best idea that the old, irritating owner could ever have. Because he moved in it.

His name was Akash. And I’m Dharati; we’re so meant for each other. Akash was almost six-feet tall and had a tattoo of his name and a heart on his right arm. How would I love to see my name next to it? He had a strict gym routine; I bet he has six-packs under his t-shirt. Continue reading “Ignore me now”

Paper plane

TGIF. I know, I know. Such abbreviations have ruined the beautiful language. But, that’s what crossed mind. I type the remaining code, send it for review, and head straight to the door. The Book Café. The name pops in my mind and I ride toward it without thinking twice. After living in the city for nearly a decade, the place has become my second home. The owner, Sandesh, knows me well; he knows where I like to sit and how I like my coffee. More importantly, he knows that I don’t like to get disturbed. I throw myself on a chair, Sandesh smiles at me, and immediately head toward the kitchen to brew my coffee. I open my little purse and grab my book, The kite runner. Finally, I can read without interruptions, I think to myself. I open the chapter where I had placed a bus ticket as a bookmark and let myself loose in the messed-up world of Amir.

Within seconds, I travel to Pakistan, sit beside Amir in the car, and lose every sense of reality. After half an hour, Sandesh brings a small piece of cake and place it on the table quietly. I look up at him and without letting me speak a word, he says, “I know you didn’t ask for it. That guy offered a slice of his order.” I look across the room and find a guy smiling at me. He moves his arms to show me the book he’s been reading. He’s reading The Kite Runner too. I smile, mouth thank you, and get back to my book. Keep on reading

Fatherless Daughter

Ask a mother what was it like to raise a daughter without a father.
Ask a girl what was it like to walk down the aisle without her father to give her away.
They would probably tell you that their lives would’ve been better with him.

Now ask her, she is another kind of fatherless daughter. Continue reading “Fatherless Daughter”


Stepping out after sunset has become as dangerous as signing a death warrant for the people of Anand Nagar. Parents forbid their children to play outside and shopkeepers closed their business regardless of their income. And the terror was obvious. Since the last two months, the residents of Anand Nagar have been witnessing a horror show. Every Thursday at 7:30 in the evening, someone has been forcing people to commit suicide at the crossroad of the colony. Till now, there were eight murders. The victims’ eyes were found wide open and they had made a quick cut across the neck and on the wrists, forcing the blood to scatter in every direction.
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I Declare New Resolution

October holds a dear place in my heart, just because of being my birth month. The month brings one day dedicated for me, when I should pamper myself and cherish my existence, as selfishly as I can. However, I cannot help but feel sad and demotivated when my stupid brain starts to compare my trophy moments with others and even judge myself based on standards set by society and 15-year-old me.

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एका नाण्याच्या दोन बाजू ?

प्रेम आणि लग्न,
एका नाण्याच्या दोन बाजू?
मला नाही वाटत.

तोलून-मापून प्रेम अन्
व्यवहारव्यतिरिक्त लग्न झालाय?
मला नाही वाटत.

प्रेमाला सीमा घातलेल्या अन्
लग्नात सिमोल्लंघनच नाही असं झालाय?
मला नाही वाटत.

प्रेमाइतकी नैसर्गिक जाणीव अन्
लग्नाइतका शुद्ध व्यापार,
अजून कुठे पाहिलाय?
मला नाही वाटत.


#sorted लिहिताना कितीतरी गुंते तसेच राहिलेले असतात.

काही गुंते सोडवायची आपली कुवत नसते,
अन् काही सोडवायची इच्छा.

काहींचा बेसुमार त्रास होतो,
अन् काहींची सवय सुटता सुटत नाही.

एकामागून एक गुंते होत राहतात,
कधी earphonesचे तर कधी नात्यांचे.

शेवटी गुंते सोडवत राहणं यालाच तर आयुष्य म्हणायचं.
फक्त एक गुंता कमी झाल्याचं कौतुक म्हणून

Instagram उघडायचं आणि capital मध्ये लिहायचं,